Standing in the comfort zone

I cannot stress enough how thrilled I am that the temperatures have finally dropped in California. No more of that heat wave business. The impracticality of tights and combat boots when it was 80-something degrees outside just wasn't working for me to say the least. 
I'm not really sure what is up with my face in that second picture. The timer went off a second too soon?
 (denim shirt- thrifted, skirt- f21, tights- generic, shoes- payless)
 So the festivities of last night: a bake off! With my lovely cousin, Deanna. Cookie and cupcake insanity was astir in my kitchen, but was made so much better by tasting everything in the midst of baking (horrible, I know). Am I the only person who does this and by the end is too full of sweets to actually eat the end product?? 
I think the funniest part of all was my getup- A yellow, floral apron a la Little House on the Prairie paired with my hefty, black combat boots. My cousin was sneaky and got some pictures in, but we shall see if exposing what could possibly be used for black mail is something I want to do.
And, tis' Thanksgiving's eve! Have a good one, dolls! ♥

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Kellie said...

Love all of it, that skirt is awesome! Happy Thanksgiving :)

Heidi said...

Cute outfit! Love the skirt :)

Abbey said...

Gorgeous! That skirt is so cute! And I love the jacket with it!

Chelsea Lane said...

you are beyond adorable! this outfit is perfection <3 I lovelovelove your blog, following!


She is Sara said...

You look awesome!! I want and adore every single piece of this look! Those shoes! I know I was soooo happy when it finally cooled off over here in MI so you have gotta be jumping for joy! The bake-off sounds fun! I never do anything like that with my friends, I should suggest that, it sounds fun!

matchboxmuse said...

gorgeous outfit! i love the skirt. you have such a lovely blog, i wanted to say hello :) maybe we could follow each other?

love, M

Brittany said...

great skirt! I love the print :)

Chelsea Lauren said...

Oh heey fellow Orange County resident! I was like jumping for joy when I could see my breath outside! Hehe :)

Anywho, stumbled upon your blog looking at the DIY turban, DEFINITELY going to do it. I'm lovin' your style and you're gorgeous.



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