Simple last minute Halloween costume ideas for the procrasinator in us all

As much as I love the spirit of Halloween, quite honestly, I'm not a fan of those cheap polyester costumes that tend to be way overpriced for their quality. Why go out and buy something that you're bound to only wear once? So I put together a few ideas including pieces you definitely won't want to limit to just Halloween night!


I know Twilight has sadly taken over the traditional image of vampires, so here's a simply bit of homage paid to the originals. Fangs and all, please. Because really, what is a vampire without fangs? To get the full on look, check out Michelle Pham's seductive vampire makeup tutorial. I'd say the best part of this look is that each of these pieces are totally re-wearable!

betty boop

Betty Boop
Go sexy, simple and retro with this iconic cartoon's look! Any hot little red dress will do, and some simple pumps, whether they be black or red will do the trick, probably something you already even have in your closet. Make the look more than complete with Kandee Johnson's Betty Boop makeup tutorial!

black cat

Black Cat
A classic and nothing new to Halloween night, except your look consists of a bit more simplistic fashionista spice.Keep it short and sweet in a fitted black dress, paired with your ready-to-wear black tights, with some black sequins oxfords for some pizazz! Let your mask and lovely face be the main attraction of your costume, customize it by making and decorating your own with what ever materials you wish. Think masquerade kitty!


Growing up, it was almost customary that us girls have at least one Barbie doll in our possession, to dress up, customize, even cut their hair (or maybe that was just me). This familiarity will definitely get you recognized. What's wonderful about this look is that it's extremely budget friendly, since Barbie has so many looks. You can practically pile on anything pink in your wardrobe. And you'll look every bit like the doll you are with Kandee Johnson's Barbie makeup tutorial! Who knows, you may end up with your very own Ken by the end of the night!  

A couple cute ideas I spotted elsewhere that I loved were a bushel of grapes, a walking aquarium (wear all blue and stick printed out sea life onto you), Wednesday Addams, Tank girl!

I hope my ideas were of some help to you dolls! Let me know what you think of these ideas. And if you have your own costume planned already, let me know what it is! ♥


Rorie said...

Veryyyyy cute ideas!!

Wall of Fashion said...

Thank you! That's a big compliment! I have the dress on the picture of 'Black Cat', but than in purple-ish!

xx Marije

Kasia_B said...

OMG Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! It put a smile on my face. :)


Dandelionkisses said...

Ooh these are great, I love the vampire one best for sure :)
I definitely appreciate the original vamp look best.(and I have those lace gloves!)
That black cat mask is super amazing.

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

If I do end up dressing up, I will certainly steal your vampire idea. Thanks for the tip!!

xoxo, Ashley

SMASH said...

the betty boop costume is so cute! Hopefully I didn't read over it, but what are you being this year? I love when people actually put together there costumes instead of buying them at the store or, worse, go as a slutty ____ (fill in the blank) so boring!


Clara said...

Wow, really really inspirational ideas. Thanks a lot! :)


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