Turn up the Tunes Tuesday

Behind the Moon- Matt Costa 
Honeybear- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Let the Drummer Kick- Citizen Cope
Radioactive- Kings of Leon 
Salute Your Solution- The Raconteurs

Broke Down- Radio Moscow

Old Times- The Whispertown 2000
Teenage Dream- Katy Perry

What can't you get enough of this week? ♥


Jen said...

I love Honeybear by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! You seriously have some great taste in music. I can't wait to download the ones I don't have yet on this list. :)

Danielle Du Jour said...

Love this post :)

Thanks for the comment

Dont forget to follow with Bloglovin - I'm following


Jamie said...

I can't get enough of Usher's new album. Makes me wanna dance!


Marie said...

Free song from Dynasty Electric Featuring Brian Chase!


The song was originally written whilst producer/saxophonist Seth Misterka and YYY’s drummer Brian Chase were on a duo tour in Australia. The duo were slated to play the 2AM spot at Melbourne’s notorious after hours club “Pony”, but they didn’t have any dance numbers, so Seth penned the keyboard and drum parts on a laptop while flying from Tasmania into Melbourne for the performance.The music was written to reflect the wild late night dance parties of Melbourne and the fun, free-spirited Australian night life. Misterka completed the song upon returning to his studio in Brooklyn, recruiting bandmate Jenny Electrik to sing the vocals, and bringing back Brian Chase on the drums.

E said...

Need to get a few of these on my playlist. I've been listening to a lot of Miike Snow, per usual.


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