Opposites attract

One look I can never seem to stop digging on is a band-t, or any graphic t-shirt for that matter, paired with almost anything. I love them most worn unexpectedly though, whether it be with a boho, vintage or girly vibe. A punk t and floral skirt is a combination made in some odd sort of heaven in my head. 

I'll admit, t-shirts are one of my many guilty pleasures, so when I cam across cafepress.com, there were just so many it was hard to get through them all! From band-t's to general funny t-shirts, tv and media including Weeds apparel and even Gossip Girl liners, which got me plenty excited. (Might I mention I cannot wait until the new season starts up!) What catches my eye a lot of the time is when I see that proceeds go towards charity, which is why I have a great deal of the t-shirts that I do, mainly from Obey and Threads for Thought. A portion of proceeds from their BP t-shirts and products goes towards the actual Golf Restoration. Aside from the t-shirts though, I realized they have a sister site of sorts called imagekind, that carry some of the most gorgeous art prints and posters! I'm feeling an urge to add to my already cluttered walls. 

currently listening to: rock n' roll high school- the ramones
images from lookbook & chictopia


by Sutton said...

really cute looks... i love mixing and matching!!

Sarah said...

i love all these tees- band tees are always a great look, especially with a cute skirt like these! xxx

Anonymous said...

Amazing outfits, I love them all

Sara Lynn said...

Oh this is going to be my look for Friday! One of my guy friends just gave me his old Metallica T because he got too big for it :)


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