Preppy days

(Button up- American Apparel, Skirt- Forever 21, shoes- Little Ocean Annie on Etsy)
I think I'm in need of new skirt, because this one, though it is undeniably cute, has somehow gotten far too short. And at the time of this picture, wrinkled. I felt so preppy in this, especially with my little mint green linen-esque button up. It is my new-found love though, and I'm definitely going to recommend it to you dolls for the summer, especially with it's super cute peter pan collar and it's sleevelessness! Go ahead and check it out HERE
All clothing aside, you may be wondering who this stranger dog is in the second picture. Well I was actually visiting my mother this past weekend and this is their dog, Charlie. All these dogs running around make me really want to have a puppy again. My stepsister is getting a pet chinchilla as well, or a chalupa as my stepdad called it. Sadly, a pet will have to wait, and hopefully a car will come my way first anyways.
currently listening to: who is he- bill withers


Annie said...

This is such a gorgeous outfit, and what a cute dog you have too!


Sara Lynn said...

I love this look, you look great preppy :) The dog ROCKS, the pic is really sweet.


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