Great Balls of Frizz

If only it was that easy to look that fabulous strolling the street in the sweltering heat. Especially as far as hair-- mine tends to resemble a great ball of frizz. 
Things have made a turn around to the not so great lately, for reasons I won't go on droning on about, but, nevertheless, I'm searching for a little bit of a pick-me-up. It's these days where I am left to stop and wonder, what on Earth am I going to do with my life, what am I going to become? Ah, but those matters are far too serious to tamper with at the moment; some fun sounds far more welcoming.
In the meantime, I am continuing my purse search. Stuck in between a vintage Dooney and Bourke or an ultra-lovely tooled leather boho bag. 
Speaking of purses though, I still need to put up my giveaway for you lovelies! It will be up by tomorrow, I promise!
How are you dolls making the best of your hot summer days? ♥

 currently listening to: great  balls of fire- jerry lee lewis


Anonymous said...

cute blog. i'm making the best out of my hot summer days with my daughter.


Britty said...

very cute

Lauren said...

I was just in new york city and wow, it was SO hot, I couldn't believe it. I'm from the bay area and we NEVER have that kind of heat. There is hot, and then there is sticky hot. Sticky hot just plain sucks. How do millions of city dwellers do it??

Jen said...

gorgeous photos! if only my hair would stay that perfect in the heat as well! (or having someone to follow me around and touch up my hair would be alright too - haha) :P

Anonymous said...

I love the oxford shoes

Jonna said...

Lovely outfits! x


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