Today at around 2 pm, I will be on my way to San Francisco. I have never been, which makes it all the more exciting! The thing is though, I will be gone until Sunday, and I'm not quite sure of the availability of wifi in the hotel where I will be staying. That just gives me an excuse to find the closest coffee shop and relax there for a while, which sounds ever so enticing right now, especially with the caffeine that needs to go into my system due to my lack of sleep this past night. 
Also, I have a bit of an issue with uploading pictures with my camera, so posts along the way may not be a possibility, but I'm hoping that isn't the case! I will make sure to have up a couple posts at least while I am gone.
Have a wonderful week, dolls! ♥

currently listening to: taxi cab- vampire weekend


Jen said...

have fun in san francisco and don't worry about having to update your blog. just RELAX because sometimes it's nice being away from technology! but i expect tons of pictures when you return :P

Jonna said...

Have fun! x

erica marie said...

I hope you have so much fun

erica marie said...

I hope you have so much fun

Chandler said...

Your blog is soooo cute!



Chaucee said...

Have a great time on your trip! I've never been either so make sure to take some good pictures : )

Becky said...

Have so much fun! Awesome pic btw ♥

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