Blooming flowers waltz before me

To sum up this weekend: it went very well. Saturday alone was well spent with my friend, Oscar. We decided to have our own little photoshoot, or as he preferred to call it, a photo op. I'll just say it was awkwardly fun, because I always feel so odd in front of the camera for some reason. You'd think by now I would get used to it!
A major plus was that we got to put his brand new Canon Rebel TSI to use, which was fantastic! You have no idea of how jealous I am of him for it. The whole shoot took a bit getting used to, but it was so much fun! The only thing I did end up noticing, was that he is definitely more photogenic than I am!
And yes, I tripped, hence the face. Walking on rocks in heels does not work out so well, but that's no new news.
I'll be adding pictures of him in a separate post because I have something planned for it. They'll be worth the wait, especially since they came out significantly better than mine.
After our photo op, we were in absolutely famished. Honestly, I'm just in the mood for exaggerated expressions, so in other words, we were simply hungry. Headed off to one of my usual favorite places, the Gypsy Den and spent the rest of the day wasting time at his house and sipping lemonade to pass the hours with the hot heat settling over these summer California days.
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Mia Delessi said...

You look so cute. I LOVE your pants


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