Have you dolls ever had one of those days where when you attempt to think about it the next day, you swear the first half of it you weren't even awake for, because you can't remember it at all? Yeah, that was yesterday for me. So my brain has had an involuntary memory blockage from the time I woke up yesterday and about 4 pm until just this moment, literally, and it occured to me that I worked yesterday. But anyways, yes, yesterday was fun, spent the half of it I can remember with Michael, pigged out on pizza and did what we do best, nothing much productive, which calls of course for casual clothing.
 (shirt- american apparel, shorts- h&m, hat- urban outfitters, flats- urban outfitters, scarf- vintage)
I honestly love this shirt I just got, such a great, relaxed fit and falls perfectly into the nautical trends of the season. Though one disappointment that remains: I am still lacking an actual purse. This needs to change.
I need to get some work done with this giveaway and have it ready for you dears! I'm sure you'll love it!
Enjoy the rest of your weekends! ♥

currently listening to: lucky- jason mraz & colbie caillat

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Jen said...

that shirt is perfection, what a great striped top! :)

and i have those moments all the time. sometimes i strangely have them while driving. all of a sudden i'll be like "whoa, did i just drive for 10 minutes because i swear i didn't..."


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