We were wild, we were restless

Aren't these photos just dreamy? The desire to abandon all worries, all burdens and stress, then stumble upon such a serene sight stirs in me when I look at each of them. How wonderful to sit upon the cool lake waters and drift upon its surface, only surrounded by the peace and ripples about you.

In the real world of suburbia though, we are half way through the week, nearly the weekend, but I have to say, that isn't what I'm looking forward to most. Or at least not nearly as much as tomorrow. It will be a year together as of tomorrow for my boyfriend, Michael, and I! I'm not even quite sure what we will be doing yet, but it will surely be something. You dolls will find out soon enough. :) 
images from dripbook
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michelle_ said...

suppperrbbb photos !
i love the lighting of it very much !
the second last pic is my fave !

Amanda said...

I love the hats in the these photos! They are amazing!
Congrats on one year. Me and Gavin just celebrated two years the other week and it was so much fun. I think no matter what you do, it doesn't even have to be anything big, ya'll will have a blast!

Aimee said...

these pictures are so pretty, love the second one!


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