Turban Headband DIY

I'm sure most of you dolls are very well aware of my love for hair accessories. So here's another little DIY for you all that would probably fall under the category of one of the trends this summer: the turban headband. It's really a subtle styled approach to the look as opposed to some of the larger, bolder styles you may have seen, especially on the runway. I'm a bit weary of being able to pull of the full head turban so here's my rendition that you all will hopefully be able to mimic yourselves. It's really quite simple.

  • Fabric
  • Elastic
  • Needle
  • Thread
You're going to start off with your about 48 in. long strip of fabric, and about 3 inches wide. The width really depends on you though and how thick you may want it. Cut it in half into two equal pieces. I actually used an old fabric belt that I had lying around that had came with some shorts I bought a while back.
You can then take the two pieces and interlock them like in the above picture. Leave that off to the side for now and you can come back to it later.
Next, using either a thick strip of the same material or another scrap as I did, you are going to be sewing the piece that will be covering the elastic that will go in the back of the headband. It should be a bit over 2 inches wide, depending on the width of you elastic, and about 12 in. long, give or take some. Simply sew the side closed, either by sewing by hand or machine. After that is done, turn the strip inside out so that the stitching is not shown.
 Slip the elastic through the strip of material so that it scrunches up. Fold under the ends of the material and tuck them inside.
Tuck the ends of your original fabric into the tube of fabric with the elastic in it on either side. Sew along the  edge of the fabric, making sure that you are sewing, the elastic, and both pieces material as you do so. I made the mistake of not getting the elastic when I did this, then had to sew it again. Once that is done, you have your headband!
I honestly love mine and can't seem to stop wearing. It's just so versatile and cute! I think I may just have to make a few more in some different materials. It stays put and really can pull an outfit together. Hope you dolls enjoy making this and the fabulous outcome as much as I did! 


Sara Lynn said...

You look awesome! Do you think that they are easy to hand sew? My machine is down.

You should make lots and sell them! You did a great job!

Theresa said...

Hand sewing it would be very doable. :) I just don't have the patience for it. haha
And thank you!
I think I might. :)

Ashley said...

This is such a cute headband! I think I would look pretty ridiculous in an actual turban, but I think this so so much more wearable.

xoxo, Ashley

Jen said...

this is so perfect and easy! i adore how that turban looks on you and now i'm tempted to try it myself since i definitely have fabric lying around. i'll have to hand sew though so my laziness might prevent me from doing so. :P


I saw your post in the Delance forum, and had to come check this out. Great DIY, and I am deeefinitely going to have to try this out ;) I can see why you can't stop wearing it!! :)


I saw this on the DIY Delance forum, and I'm glad I visited this! I'm defiantely trying this sometime soon!

mademoiselle xo
Imperfect Item

Anne said...

I love all you DIYs! :) I used this as my guide for my own turban headband. Thanks!

Vanessa K said...

I was looking for a good DIY on this! Thanks for the tutorial! :D Now following your blog



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