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The weather in Southern California has taken a sudden odd turn towards the heat. I'm not sure if I was quite ready to have to dress for this weather yet, but alas, ready or not, it's here. My days have been filled with far more work than play, so I've been taking the time I can to relax. The issue with this though, is it leaves little room for productivity in my life. So here I am, wasting away my summer and barely realizing I need to get my butt moving and doing something. My resolution: attempt to plan a little weekend getaway maybe? In the meantime, a trip to the beach will suffice. If only I felt the slightest bit comfortable in a bikini!
(ruffle tank- urban outfitters, shorts- h&m, heels- steve madden, headband- self-made, bag- handmade)
These pleated shorts are my absolute favorite, and actually fairly old. I have yet to find a pair that fit me so well though! But then again, I haven't really been on the search. The bag is actually one of many that my grandmother made when she went on a rampage with making various styles of them not too long ago. I find them all to be so darling, especially the color palette and floral print of this one. Just like she did with the aprons, like the one I showed you in  my post with the gnarley muffin recipe. That reminds me, I really feel the need to get back into the kitchen again and turn on my baking mode. :)

Enjoy your week and the summer season, dolls. ♥

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Diya said...

love those pleated shorts! i've been looking for some tailored shorts all over and yours are perfect.


Alternative Housewife said...

Love the look! Seriously, it's perfection - wouldn't change a thing about it. Your hair is gorgeous as well.

I'm also really jealous because Oregon is bi-polar and you don't know what the weather will be like (could be cold and rainy, could be 80+ degrees and sunny) until you step outside. Sometimes you can't even tell by looking out the window. Hopefully it will start to be consistently warm in the next couple of weeks!

Times of Delight said...

Your outfit is really cute, I love the ruffle top :)


Sara Lynn said...

Omg it is so hat here too! You look great though! Perfect for hot weather! :) I wish my grandma made bags, lol. She does well though, she makes me mittens and hats. SHe sewed me a snowman once. It is really cute :)

Oh and ditto on the bikini!

Jessica said...

Your outfit is perfect for the heat wave. You look so pulled together. Usually when it's hot, I pull my hair in a ponytail and give up on trying to be cute!

Jessica said...

p.s. (Be sure to drop by and enter to win a Wendy Mink Jewelry necklace - retail value: $175!)


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