Laziness permitted

Just to make it clear, I wasn't simply too lazy yesterday to take a photo standing up... or maybe I was. But that's the joy of school being done for a while, isn't it? I now have the ability to just be lazy when I please. Except once work comes around, but that's a different story.
Also, in case you hadn't noticed, I got a haircut! Not a severe difference, I know, but don't you just love the feeling of freshly cut hair? Unless of course, it was really badly freshly cut hair. On a side note, I'm getting far too used to this little to no make up thing.With the combination of that and this fringe, I am looking even more like a little girl.
(sweater- Forever 21, jeans- anchor blue?, boots- nygstyle shop on Etsy)
Michael calls this my grandpa sweater. All I have to say is, I love my grandpa sweater! 
currently listening to: lost ones (dj jazzy jeff blend)- lauryn hill


Sara Lynn said...

I love your grandpa sweater too! :) I have to say that your hair looks awesome, and I agree with the little to no makeup. It is hard now that it is so warm outside. :)

Leia said...

love your outfit, looks so comfy!

Jen said...

i love that sweater and there's nothing wrong with being lazy :P i like these sitting down shots!
and i'm loving your hair. there really is no better feeling than freshly cut hair. idk how but the hair cutter always makes my hair ridiculously soft. :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I have a grandpa sweater from Forever 21, as well, and I absolutely adore it! Almost as much as I adore your new haircut - the bangs are tres cute!! :)

Iva said...

I think your sweater is super cute! happy friday! have a great weekend!

Becky said...

Your shoes are so cute!! ♥


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