Sans Makeup

So this is Theresa, sans makeup. I don't believe you've met her yet. 
And now I am officially a dork for referring to myself in the third person.
(cardigan- american apparel, dress- urban outfitters, sheer tights- gift, peep toes- little ocean annie shop on etsy)
I just got these woven peep toes that ordered from Little Ocean Annie on Etsy. They are adorable and exactly what I was looking for! My only issue with them is that they have given me horrible blisters on the back of my heel after an hour of wear. Thank goodness for band-aids!


Sara Lynn said...

You are so pretty! Natural beauty :) I love the shoes, I have never worm peep-toes, I will keep an eye out for some next time I go shoe-shopping because they look wonderful on you! I love your shades too :)

Jolie said...

You look great! Love the dress!

Becky said...

These are so pretty! you look great :)

AlejandraMijangos said...

You look fantastic.

The Backseat Stylers said...

Cute dress - such a pretty print!

Cafe Fashionista said...

You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Theresa! It's a shame that those shoes give you blisters - they are gorgeous; though I can't really talk...I have a pair of wedges that literally kill my baby toes, yet I still wear them because they are so pretty to look at! The things we go through for beauty!

Love the fact that you're listening to Tom Waits, by the way. He's amazing!! :)

knk said...

beautiful flowral outfit looks awesome soo cute

Jonna said...

You look beautiful! Love the floral print :) x


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