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I have never been much into nail polish and finding enjoyment in doing my nails, with the exception of those amazing confetti and glitter assorted ones when I was a little girl! I know I'm not the only one who fell head or heels for those! For the longest time during my high school years I would just wear whatever black nail polish I could find and wouldn't redo them until every bit of it had chipped away. 

Recently though, I have moved onto much better ways of living, if ever the wellness of life were measured in how one treats their nails. Ever since I came across this color called California Trooper from American Apparel's nail polish line, I have been in love! Its proved to be really good quality and doesn't get that annoying lumpy textures some cheap nail polishes do.
So tell me dolls, what's your favorite color to wear these days? ♥
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Mia Sumiati said...

That's a very pretty colour! My favourite color of the moment is Fit For A Queensland from OPI.

Sara Lynn said...

Sweet color and I like the gif! I need to try that sometime :)

electricfingerprints said...

ohh I love how you did that animated picture! my favorite color is the one I have on now, a blue-green color. I feel like a mermaid wearing it hahahah

Melissa said...

that animated image is awesome, ive tried lots of times to do that, but ive failed each time ):
great blog, following! follow back?
thanks for the comment, it means a lot!

Erin said...

my favorite shade has got to be "You don't know Jacques" by OPI

Jen said...

that is such a gorgeous shade! i'm so tempted to go pick a bottle up! :)


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