Stop the Traffik

I want to give you all some back story on the banner I have put up on my blog.
Stop the Traffik is an organization/ charity that was initially started as a two year campaign to host "Freedom Day" on March 25th 2007 to mark the bicentenary of the abolition of transatlantic slavery and hand a million signatures to the United Nations in 2007.  Instead of ending, with a following of 1.5 million activists Stop the Traffik became an independent international charity. Stop the Traffik looks to continue to grow and reach those at risk as well as inspire people to become voices against trafficking.To bring more knowledge to the subject, trafficking  is being deceived or taken against your will, bought, sold and transported into slavery for sexual exploitation, sweat shops, child brides, circuses, sacrificial worship, forced begging, sale of human organs, farm labor, or domestic servitude.The worst thing: it's still growing.Two- four million men, women, and children are trafficked across borders and within their own country every year. 
Help stop the traffik.

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