Dripping Chains and Dangling Gems

I know I have been dwelling on shoes for the past week, but I wanted to take a turn to accessories, specifically jewelry.
One of my favorite jewelry designers, Gemma Redux, who you all may know as a big contributor for much of the jewelry for Blake Lively's character on Gossip Girl, Serena Vanderwoodsen, never seizes to enthrall me. Her Spring 10 collection is incredible. Oh, how I would love to indulge in one of her pieces, dripping chains and breath taking gems and crystals. Simply stunning. And even more so, who wouldn't want to feature a bit of resemblance to the effortlessly lovely Serena Vanderwoodsen?
One cannot deny the beauty of the combination of this array of chains with the gorgeous lemon quartz to compliment. If only I had the ability to indulge in such a piece! You can actually purchase this exact one on the Gossip Girl CW online shop, along with a couple others straight out of the show.

Searching and doing some online window shopping, I came across another wonderful jewelry, I would say, artist, by the name of Laura Staley who has her own shop on Etsy called Creative Jewelry Designs. They are indeed creative, and equally stunning and original! Each piece is hand crafted and one-of-a-kind. She even welcomes custom orders. I must say, dolls, this is definitely worth checking out to bring company to your darling jewelry stand!

Speaking of accessories, don't forget to submit your entries for the love of accessories giveaway before midnight PST tonight! 


Sara Lynn said...

these are all lovely! I like them all :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I so adore all of these pieces. The one thing that always worries me about chunky jewelry is that it will be heavy when you wear it; nevertheless, it is stunning!! :)

Erin said...

at first i was cautious about this new trend in jewelry, but now i am loving the chunky look of these!


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