Appetite for something new

We all love our glamorous heels, strutting your stuff in that slick trench coat and Louboutins. Unfortunately, your favorite stilettos aren't always too practical. No one takes favor to having their four inch heels sink into the mud because they couldn't bare to part with them on such a lovely day at the park. 
Not to worry though, a bit of a replacement for your darling skyscrapers will not sacrifice your level of glamor and stun factor! If anything, it will only show it more in a whole new way!

The Simple Slip-on Sweets
 There is nothing easier than slipping your feet into a shoes as you're running late. What makes it even easier is that they are so darling!

The Tantalizing T-Strap
We all madly love our high-heeled version of this shoe, but they're just as delightful without the added height!

The Lovely Lace up
Not quite feeling the vibe of the regular flip flops and gladiator sandals this spring and summer? Make these your go to light weights for the seasons to come. They are definitely on my list!

The Dashing Brogue 
Who can not love the boyish charm that these can add to an outfit? Comfortable and suitable for your  favorite new floral dress or to pair with your everyday jeans!

The Lofty Loafer
Loafers are no longer for your good ole' English professor, and I bet you dolls could manage making them look a million times as chic! Unless of course, you had a brilliantly chic professor.

Now go out and have yourself a lovely weekend with plenty of smiles dolls! Maybe even with the new found accompaniment of a pair of these upon your feet. ♥

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Jessica said...

The Topshop flats are beautiful!


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