Where is my ticket out of suburbia?

Today was just one of those days where no matter how many times I pressed that shutter button, I couldn't seem to get a single good shot! The funny part is that I end up putting up the one photo that was actually accidental. 
Being a trapped citizen of suburbia, leaves me with not much of a selection of atmospheres and backdrops. Frankly, I've grown tired of the collection of imitative houses within a five foot distance of each other that I see every. single. day. This is why I aspire to move to a place with culture, diversity, and a lovely field nearby. Or maybe travel abroad to witness and experience all that I've missed thus far in life. A visit to a small bistro in Italy, a stroll down the streets of Paris, make conversation with a gentleman in London, such a romantic notion!
(dress- forever21, boyfriend blazer- forever21, heels- steve madden, headband- self-made)
While the next fashion blogger you come across will be filled with excitement over the new pair of Jeffrey Campbells they just received in the mail, (don't get me wrong, I would be thrilled as well!), I was more than delighted to come home to a package with my new mini-heart shaped cake pan. I feel so silly for this, but the anticipation of making some little red velvet cakes seems too perfect now!


Sobrina Tung said...

Great pics!! Enjoy your new heart cupcake tin :)

tobes said...

ace! i've just been to the harrods food hall in london and they had haert shaped cupcakes! sweet! seeing your cupcakes tins makes me wanna bake!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Love your dress! Very cute with the blazer!

The Style Rider said...

adorable photos! Nice heart shaped cupcake baker!

Mia Sumiati said...

The heart shaped cake pan is so cute! Love the dress and the blazer!

Riot Apple

fhen said...

hello! have just found your blog!
love your style :)
have just followed your blog
mind to follow mine back? :)


Couture said...

Beautiful dress!


J E S S U said...

Cute outfit, like the blazer!

Jonna said...

I just came across your blog first time.. I love it! :))

Tanja said...

Gorgeous outfit! :)
That will make some really sweet muffins/cupcakes!


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