Not a clue

Does anyone remember how before my month leave I announced that I finally got a job? Let's just pretend I never said that, because I basically didn't. It turned out to be a disappointment, but hey, things happen for a reason, and I won't let some silly store bring me down. Anyways, it gave me an opportunity to put together some other interview outfits, which I quite enjoy.

This is what I wore for my Loehmann's interview last week. Though the manager did compliment my shirt, I still have yet to get a response. I'm not quite sure why I have my head tilted to one side in both these photos. Almost as if it weighed too much that day. Oh, the mysteries.
Isn't it funny when you barely notice things when looking back at a photo? For example, I wasn't aware how lumpy I looked in the front from tucking in my shirt. haha

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Jesa said...

This is gorgeous! I'm loving this!! You look stunning!

Lovely blog!
Cheers, Jesa


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