over and over again

More job searching today. My days seem to have become a bit repetitive with this endless search. To fit the occasion, I decided I would go with something simple today.

I have not really been one for brown, especially recently. These riding boots I got at forever21definitely changed my mind about that.They seem to go with so much and are also more wearable than my high heeled boots are at times.

The track & field coach from the college I'm going to called me back today saying to come to practice when I had the chance. Frankly, I'm terribly worried, and also terribly out of shape.
I don't have much to say today. I woke up not being able to find my mind. I believe I lost it.


kate maggie said...

i love this so much! :)

Jen said...

those riding boots are fantastic and they look great on you. i also quite love your floral top :)
good luck with you go to that track&field practice.

theblondeonewhohikes said...

love that top.

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love those buckled boots!

megara said...

those boots are great! you look awesome!


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