everybody's embraced but so out of touch

going back, remembering my roots (funny how im acting like its been 10 years, when i just barely graduated), i went to support my high school xc team during their time trials.
they all did quite well, though i wish i would have gotten a shot of the girls at the start of their race.
i love how many people were out there, ready for the challenge, some more than others, though all in the same, theyre all there to reach that same destination. all the same beginning, but its their journey they create on their own, its their journey that sets them apart from the rest of their team. running is not just an experience of testing one's physical boundaries, but a matter of conquering fear and any lack of confidence or belief. it is real. there is no stopping. there is no time outs. no breaks. as soon as that gun goes off it's all you.
that's why i commend all these athletes for being there that saturday morning.

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Anonymous said...

you should include how badass i look with tights and yellow shoes yeaaa!


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