you're makin' me nervous

last night: went to the house of blues- great glass elevator, venus infers, the union line, and the jakes. all incredible :)
it was a great show, no doubt, except for the fact that i was not able to bring a camera into the place. damn. quite an incident there. tried bending the rules with that one. did not exactly work out in my favor, as i ended up having to take it the HOB merchandise place and pay them 3 fucking dollars to hold it for me in the end anyways.
but any who, i had never heard the union line before, but i really liked the chill vibe of their music. i definitely recommend.
here's a sample:

the one band i had actually heard of though and had been listening to for a while is venus infers. i adore their music. it just has a real original feel to it. and their song, you're makin' me nervous... oh man it gets me every time haha also another band i mos def recommend!
Venus Infers - "You're Makin' Me Nervous" - Promo

i also got to meet davis, the lead singer from venus infers. charming. too bad i did not have the option of taking a picture with him.
excuse my slight bitterness on the matter.
ugh i could have had so many good shots. but oh well, there's always other shows.
i'll def have pictures from my next musical adventure monday.. NO DOUBT!

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