the magic's in the makeup.. who am i?

preparation for last night's incredible no doubt concert at the gibson amphitheater.

to finally get to see them perform was amazing for me. i mean, i've been patiently waiting for gwen to take a break from her, what i would like to call, maternity leave, so that they could finally get back together and go on tour. the wait was far past worth it. there was so much energy when they came on, it was insane. and to realize that gwen is 41 already, oh my goodness, you would never believe it by looking at her. those abs. wow.
i loved the feeling of knowing every song they performed and the excitement that came with each.
makes me proud to be an orange county girl :)
oh and the sounds that opened for them, kickass as well.

i do not take credit for any of the concert pictures or recordings above.

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