Guest Post: Sara of She is Sara

Hello readers of Despising life is so Passé, This is Sara from the blog She is Sara, sneaking in a little guest post for my lovely friend and fellow blogger Theresa. Theresa and I started reading each others blogs a few years ago now, and we have always joked that if and when we ever have a meet-up, we would have a Coffee Party (as opposed to a tea party)! SO, I thought I would do a post on how a Coffee Party should take place. 

First and foremost, there would be lots of coffee! We would make sure to have neat little designs and pretty cups to sip from.

It would probably be outdoors, like a picnic because coffee is not as dainty as a tea party. We would bring a record player and listen to our favorite records outside under the sun.
There would of course be goodies, but cupcakes are a requirement.

We would dress all spiffy and in coffee colored outfits! Picnics, sweets & coffee should always be accompanied by an equally sweet outfit.
After we are stuffed with sugar and loaded with caffeine, we must do something to release energy. After a dance parry with our records, maybe we would do something equally fun, like fly kites!
Haha, I hope you guys liked this oober girly post! After reading this, I really want Theresa and I to make this coffee date happen! Doesn't it sound like fun? Thanks everyone!


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