Contest: Paper Doll for a Day ♥

First off, I wanted to thank Sara from She is Sara for featuring me on her blog for her Blogger Round-up! What a huge compliment, especially from such an amazing chick! She's always such a joy to chat with and has such a wonderful blog. So if you haven't already, I definitely recommend checking out her blog!

With my newly being hired at American Apparel, I have run into the issue of having to wear all AA clothing to work. Before actually buying anything I've been trying to figure out outfits in my head so I'm not stuck with a bunch of fantastic separates that don't even go together.
Then I had a spur of  the moment inspiration! Growing up, we all have our share of early preparation into the creation of the fashionistas we have come to be. The countless outfits for Barbie, or even those clever little paper dolls. So I thought, why don't I allow you dears have the joy of this once again?
So here's the idea: treat me like your paper doll! I'm giving you all the chance to pick out my outfit. You can go onto the American Apparel website and put together an outfit you think would look fantastic. Leave the links in the comment box and I'll post my favorite and eventually get to wearing it!
I trust you dolls and your judgment! 
Fine print: I'll have a little prize for the top choice as well!

The usage of Sailor Moon paper dolls was necessary. A true childhood obsession of mine!
I've also been in a bit of a blunder over whether I should purchase these darling vintage pixie boots or not. Out of all the ones I've seen, I love the shape of these! Plus, I don't have anything in my closet like this at all So here I go. Caving again.
Enjoy the rest of your weekends! ♥
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kumar said...

nice post wow i like this cont its very interesting

Brittany said...

Hi, this is pretty simple but I love both pieces so much! I think this would look good together

this skirt

with this bodysuit (I personally like vertical striped one!)

the bodysuit 3 packs are on sale right now, btw congratulations on the job!


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